Wholesale clothes

Are you looking for high quality of wholesale clothes or blank clothes which has similar quality to American Apparel, Gildan but at lower price?
Our factory is the right place for you to source!

Wholesale sweatshirt – Jumper – Crewneck – Hoodies

For the quantity less than 1000 pcs, air freight will be the best choice for you in term of cost.
We will put the weight of each garment on specs description so we can calculate the total weight of your order
Example : 1 shirt weight 250 gr, if you ordered 50 pcs then the total weight is : 250g x 50 pcs = 12500 gr = 12.5kg
Note : All the transport agents always charge on the gross weight, so after you calculate the total weight of your order, remember to add 1.5 – 2 kg for each cartoon box -> that will be the total of gross weight you have to pay to shipping companies.
Email us : sales@9mode-clothing-manufacturer.com for obtaining the price of shipping cost from our factory to your door!

If you hesitate about the material and other specs regarding your potential garment, you can buy sample from us to check everything before placing order with us. And the sample price will be 3 times higher than wholesale price.
Example one dress is selling at wholesale price USD 12.00, so the price for sample is USD 12.00 x 3 = USD 36.00 (excluded express shipping for sample)
If you are going to order later, we will refund in full for you the cost of buying sample.

All of the orders are only ship out when we receive payment in full.
Please visit the following link for more information about payment modes and payment fee:

All of clothes at our factory is checked by experience QC team piece by piece to guarantee the best quality for you. We will refund for you if you have any problem with quality.